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The pan-European payments leader


“2018 was a pivotal year in shaping our model for strong, profitable and sustainable growth. With the transformative acquisition of SIX Payment Services, we are now the undisputed pan-European leader of the European payments industry.”

Gilles Grapinet, CEO






“The acquisition is a great fit in terms of sustainability and trust. When you acquire a company with the pedigree of SIX Payment Services you also acquire talents, innovation and excellence. ”

Marc-Henri Desportes, Deputy CEO

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in Europe
for Merchant Acquiring*,
10% market share
in Europe
for Financial Processing,
20% market share
in European e-commerce
company to neutralize its CO2 emissions in the payment industry

* non-banking acquirer in continental Europe. ** based on 2018 numbers

2018: A transformative year

Digital expertise for deep water research

Worldline became the digital partner of the Under The Pole III scientific expedition in February.
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Worldline launches How will we pay?

In June, Worldline published its insights in a publication entitled How will we pay? that has drawn plaudits from the payments industry.
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Worldline strengthens its pan-European payments capabilities

Worldline obtained its Third Party Provider (TPP) license from the National Bank of Belgium in July, strengthening its position as a major payment service provider in Europe.
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A stylish start for VALINA and Tiffany

Worldline delivered the first unattended VALINA payment terminal in the UK to luxury retailer Tiffany & Co in London in September 2018. VALINA is the world’s first all-in-one Android-based payment terminal for contactless, chip and mag stripe transactions. 
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A new Worldline with SIX Payment Services

2018 culminated in the acquisition of SIX Payment Services, which positions Worldline as the undisputed number 1 payments provider in Europe.
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Contactless payment for transport tickets goes live

Worldline scored a first in France in March with our contactless payment solution for the transport network in Dijon.
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Landmark processing partnership with Commerzbank

equensWorldline and German banking and financial services company Commerzbank formed a strategic partnership for the outsourcing of its entire payment processing infrastructure in July.
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Co-innovating the e-payment solutions of tomorrow

Worldline was proud to host our first e-Payments Challenge Hackathon in September, which brought together clients and fintechs to brainstorm about the e-payment possibilities of the future.
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Winning big at Banque & Innovation

The excellence and innovation of three Worldline offerings was recognized at the Paris Banque & Innovation in October.
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A European champion with a global presence


global presence

Estimated business profile 2019


business profile 2019

2018 Financial Performance

Worldline grew in size by c.+30% with the acquisition of SIX Payment Services

in €Million 2018 2017 Organic Growth
Revenue* €1,720.2
Operating margin before depreciation and amortization (OMDA)* €391.1
€351.8 +11.2%
OMDA*% 22.7% 21.7% +100bp
Free Cash Flow €207.5 €176.0 +17.9%

*At constant scope and December 2018 YTD average exchange rates and restated from IFRS 15

Worldline 2018 results

In 2018 Worldline presented its insights and outlook on the dramatic changes that are set to transform the payments market in the coming years.

How will we pay? provides authoritative analysis on the future role of cash, cards and new forms of digital payment such as instant payments. The publication considers the impact of changes in regulation and technology disruption in the industry and aims to guide readers to the opportunities and solutions available to the financial services sector and merchants.

For further discussions on this topic, see our blogs about the current divergence in approaches to going cashless and the outlook for the market post PSD2
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