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Being a responsible employer
by revealing our employees’ potential

Olivier Burger


“As a responsible company that seeks to attract and retain the Talents and Experts we need in a competitive world, we strive to create an environment that values diversity, learning and well-being and enables employees to achieve their full potential… As a fast-growing company, we place a major focus on integrating new employees, both new hires and those who become part of Worldline through acquisitions. For instance, in 2018, Worldline worked hard to ensure that every new SIX Payment Services employee would feel welcomed on their first day at work with Worldline.”

Olivier Burger, Head of Human Resources

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staff hired in 2018
entities eligible to apply for the Best Place to Work® certification (with Trust Index above 70/100)
6 years
average seniority in Worldline (and 12 years for the members of Worldline’s Global Expert Community)
International top notch experts (members of Worldline Global Experts Community)


Our Gender Equity program

Although the fields of IT and engineering have traditionally been dominated by men, 30.30% of Worldline’s employees worldwide are female and we constantly strive to improve this proportion. Convinced that the right balance of men and women enables innovation, creativity and collaboration in each team, Worldline is committed to reducing the gap between the percentage of females in management positions and the percentage of females in the overall workforce to zero by 2020. A dedicated diversity steering committee is responsible for developing the actions necessary to achieve this objective. 

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Gender equity program

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Worldline’s global presence

As part of our dual commitment to business expertise and providing an environment where well-being is valued, we create social value by growing and ensuring the well-being of our more than 11,000 talented employees around the world. This is why our actions are structured around four dimensions: Growing@worldline, Learning@worldline, Recognition@worldline and WorkingConditions@worldline.



Build your career and grow with us

Choosing Worldline means deciding to work for a company that aims to attract and retain the most talented people in the industry. At Worldline, you will form part of a dynamic, entrepreneurial community, with rewarding possibilities for career development and geographic mobility.

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