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Endorsing our business ethics
within our value chain

Christophe Duquenne

“As a payments company that has operated for years in a highly regulated environment, Worldline has a strong compliance culture that is fully integrated as part of our DNA …. Beyond compliance, we believe that our commitment to act as a responsible and ethical company extends to our interactions with our stakeholders and to societal commitments throughout our value chain and in our local communities.”

Christophe Duquenne, Chief Technology & Operations Officer

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of Worldline employees completed the Code of Ethics training 
Gold level
obtained in the EcoVadis supply chain assessment
strategic suppliers evaluated by EcoVadis
and 21 new suppliers evaluated
of spending made with local suppliers



Our alignment with fundamental ethical principles

ethic principles

* Worldline’s Code of Ethics is included in every employee’s employment contract and adapted for each country to ensure full alignment with local laws.
** In 2018, the French Law on the Duty of Vigilance reinforced the expectations towards a responsible supply chain, from which Worldline established with Atos a vigilance plan applicable to all entities around the 4 following actions: Specific risk mapping of the supply chain in 2018; Assessment of suppliers & subcontractors; Update of the charter for partners in 2018; Implementation of a whistleblowing system for both employees and partners to disclose behaviors deemed inconsistent with the Code of Ethics.

Code of Ethics

Worldline places great importance on the principle that business should be conducted both profitably and responsibly. The company complies with applicable laws in all countries. This is mandatory, but it is not enough for us: Worldline aims at all times to conduct its business in line with good ethical principles and practices both internally and with third parties.
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Worldline’s global sustainable procurement strategy

As part of our ambition to constantly integrate sustainability throughout the value chain, Worldline has strengthened its supply chain actions, including how we procure goods and services and the selection and evaluation of suppliers.

In 2018, we updated our code of conduct for our partners and suppliers: the Business Partner’s Commitment to Integrity Charter is now enclosed in each Request For Proposal and contract. This charter also gives the right to suppliers and subcontractors to report breaches of the Worldline Code of Ethics within our whistleblowing procedure.

In 2018, we also organized our annual meeting to share our sustainability mindset and commitments with suppliers so that we could measure progress in areas such as human rights and the environment, notably on the issue of conflict minerals. A letter from the CSR Officer was addressed to our main hardware suppliers on this specific concern. 

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