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A responsible environmental footprint
as a prerequisite for doing business

Frédéric Papillon


“Worldline systematically considers the impacts from energy use and the consequences for the environment of all business decisions and actions. We seek to contribute to a more sustainable future by optimizing our energy use, reducing our carbon emissions and switching to renewable energy sources, as well as by helping to increase knowledge and promote protection of the environment. In 2018, Worldline became the first company to neutralize its CO2 emissions in the payment industry.”

Frédéric Papillon, Production Services Director for the IT Infrastructure

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of our offices
above 500 employees
and of our datacenters
are ISO 14001 certified 
of our CO2 emissions
from our data centers, buildings, business travel
and from our payment terminals’ Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) are offset
of our carbon footprint
compared with 2014
electricity consumption
from renewable sources
against 19% in 2017

Green IT: Reducing the environmental and social footprint of ICT



In 2018, Worldline participated in the WeGreenIT study initiated by WWF France and Club Green IT to quantify the environmental footprint of its information technology systems and bring together new methods, tools and best practices of the main digital players, especially regarding software eco conception. This study was also an opportunity for us to benchmark our Green IT maturity as compared to 24 major French companies.

The GreenIT@worldline initiative launched in 2018 commits Worldline to a more comprehensive scope for Green IT and complements our environmental strategy. Indeed, we have already been managing five data enters in three different countries since 2013 in line with our energy efficiency program (which complies with the European Code of Conduct for Data Centers) and paying great attention to the eco-design of our payment terminals. Following the study, we have identified further areas for improvement such as adopting eco-design practices in our software development, which is being reviewed by a working group of our R&D department and the Expert community on software eco-design best practices. In 2018, Worldline joined the Green IT think tank  (“Conception Numérique Responsable”) which brings together experts and organizations to develop IT eco-design.

Digital expertise for deep water research

Worldline became the digital partner of the Under The Pole III scientific expedition in February 2018. This extraordinary expedition is dedicated to an underwater exploration of the deep ecosystems of the ‘Twilight Zone’ of the world’s oceans.

Over the next three years, Worldline will offer Under The Pole its highly secure virtual hosting solutions, available in real time, to accelerate scientific research. Updates and presentations of the expedition were provided throughout 2018 to Worldline employees, underlining the importance of the company’s commitment to this environmental protection project.

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