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Building client trust with reliable, secured,
innovative and sustainable solutions

“Striving to do everything right drives us toward excellence in every domain affecting our business. Whether in innovation, ethics, attention to people’s well-being and diversity, ensuring customer satisfaction or improving reliability and security, progress in each area reinforces the others and supports our ambition to lead by example.”

Marc-Henri Desportes, Deputy CEO

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Marc-Henri Desportes

Worldline sites certified
 with ISO 27001 Security certification 
 (out of the 42 eligible sites)
of Compliance Assessment of Data Processing (CADP) performed for all processing activities
Overall Customer Satisfaction Score (OCS)
Innovation sessions  
 delivered by Worldline for customers
of revenue is invested 
 in platforms and innovative solutions every year 

Vincent Roland

Smart and sustainable Merchant Services


“Our Merchant Services offerings bring major economic benefits for our merchant customers by making payment processes easier due to new digital business models that enhance the customer experience and leverage sustainable growth. We firmly believe that the circulation of e-money over cash will lead to a safer, more transparent, more efficient and more inclusive economy.”

Vincent Roland, Managing Director for Merchant Services

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Merchant clients in Europe
c. 2.2M
Terminals managed worldwide 
Card transactions per year



Innovation on the beach

Spectators at the German beach volleyball championships in August 2018 were able to pay for goods and services with a simple movement of the wrist, thanks to a contactless payment innovation from Worldline, Comdirect bank and Visa. The 5,000 bracelets used at the event included Worldline's first open-loop wearable solution, which confirms and completes payment with a beep.

Worldline equipped all stands at the event with innovative NFC payment terminals, so that payment could be made using any credit card with contactless payment functions, making payment fast, fun and dynamic – just like beach volleyball.

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Secure Financial Services for a strong economy


“Payment processing is critical to the functioning of the global economy. By providing secure, reliable and innovative payment services, Worldline helps to support economic growth, enhance trust and compliance and increase digital inclusion in line with our commitment to corporate social responsibility. Our clients, our shareholders and society in general expect nothing less from us.”

Michael Steinbach, Managing Director for Financial Services and Chief Executive Officer of equensWorldline

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Michael Steinbach

Financial Institutions
c. 13BN
Payment transactions per year
c. 125M
Cards under management 
c. 11BN
Card transactions per year 

A strategic outsourcing milestone with Commerzbank

In 2018 Commerzbank appointed equensWorldline to process all its SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area), instant, multi-currency, and domestic payments over the next ten years. The deal involves the outsourcing of the German banking and financial services company’s complete payments infrastructure to the specialist equensWorldline. Once the migration to equensWorldline’s future-proof platforms is complete, offering cutting-edge functionalities such as instant payments, about four billion payment transactions will be processed each year.

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Olivier Stuckens

Mobility and e-Transactional Services for a modern world


“Worldline’s offerings bring significant benefits for the sustainability of our customers’ operations. Our e-ticketing offering removes the need for paper. Worldline’s solutions for connected fleets of vehicles can reduce fuel consumption. For industrial customers, remote maintenance can minimize the need for travel and energy consumption for field technicians.”

Olivier Stuckens, Managing Director for Mobility & e-Transactional Services

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in various industries
Countries in which
objects are connected
travel tickets
currently sold per year

E-ticketing comes to Dijon

For the first time in France, passengers on the public transport network of a large city are now paying for their journeys using contactless payment cards, smartphones or even connected watches.

Thanks to an end-to-end solution introduced by Worldline, transport operator Keolis and other partners, travelers in the central French city of Dijon no longer need to line up to purchase tram tickets from vending machines. They simply board the trams and validate their journey by tapping their contactless payment cards on the terminal, whatever bank they use. During inspections, the user's contactless payment card is validated on the controller's terminal to establish the user's right to travel.

This innovation, available throughout Dijon's two tram lines, will be extended to the city's bus network in a second phase. By increasing the appeal of public transport compared to cars, the technology will have a positive impact on traffic conditions and air quality. The Worldline solution covers all aspects, ranging from the supply of validation equipment to the processing of transactions and payments. 

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Pioneers of a food traceability solution based on blockchain

Developed by Bureau Veritas in partnership with Worldline, Origin is the first full end-to-end digital traceability platform based on Blockchain to combine both an IT expertise (Worldline) and a business expertise (Bureau Veritas). First tested for the food sector, this solution enables all parties in a value chain, from the producer to the distributor to the end-user, to easily access verified information on the ingredients in a product, thus allowing end users and society at large to support sustainability challenges through more informed choices. 

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Fostering open innovation with fintech startup

As well as stimulating entrepreneurship within Worldline, we also look to collaborate with fintech startups – lending our expertise and industrial scale to bring great ideas to fruition for our customers. In 2018, Worldline organized its first hackathon for fintechs, the e-Payments Challenge. At this event, 15 fintech companies worked with Worldline experts on the challenges proposed by seven Worldline clients. Worldline is currently developing partnerships with the winning startups.

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